EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Art, 1974 Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) EXHIBITIONS Mr. Schank has participated in group exhibits with the Freehold Art Society, Lakewood Artists Inc., and had a one-man show at Gallery One, Western Maryland College Mr. Schank's illustrations have appeared in: MAGAZINES Aberrations * Bizarre Bazaar * Black Lotus * Burning Sky Crossroads: Where Evil Dwells * Dark Regions/The Year's Best Fantasy Fiction E-Scape * Elegia * Explosive Decompression * ERBzine Fantasque: Spanning the Realms of Fantastic Fcition * Figmentation Eldritch Tales * Ellipsis * ERB Collector * Flesh & Blood Gaslight: Tales of the Unsane * Gateways * Haunts * Imago * Innisfree Kinda-Kinky * Low Orbit * Midnight Zoo * The Obligatory Sin Palace Corbie: The Magazine of Personal Terror * Potent Aphrodisiac Pulsar! * Random Realities * Recursive Angel * Shadow Sword The Silver Web * Spider Eyes * Spellbound * The Standing Stone Starry Nights * Starsong * Thin Ice * The Vampire's Crypt *Vicious Circle Wicked Mystic * Xenophilia * Xizquil ANTHOLOGIES All Aboard: SPWAO Showcase Best of the Midwest's Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Distant Journeys: An Illustrated Anthology of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dragons: A Celebration * Fandom Directory BOOKS Babylon Gardens by J. W. Donnelly Cold at Heart by Brian A. Hopkins Ghoul Warning & Other Omens...and Other Omens by Brian Lumley Mean Little Old Lady at Work by Ardath Mayhar Solo Flights through Shared Worlds by Mike Resnick Something Haunts Us All by Brian A. Hopkins Supernatural Horror in Literature: The Illustrated Edition by H. P. Lovecraft Weird Family Tales I by Ken Wisman Weird Family Tales II by Ken Wisman Weird Family Tales III by Ken Wisman
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